An overview of the application process is set out below. For full details, please visit the University’s Graduate Application Guide.

  1. Check that you meet the entry requirements for the course
  2. Submit an application and all supporting materials by the deadline using the University’s online application system
  3. The Department for Continuing Education and Faculty of Law assess your application
  4. The Department and Faculty decide whether to make you an offer (all offers contain financial conditions and may contain other conditions)
  5. If you are made an offer, your application is considered by your chosen college (or by the college selected on your behalf if you indicated no college preference)
  6. If places are available, the college may also make you an offer (if no places are left at your choice of college, your application will be considered by other colleges with places available and an offer made)
  7. The college makes you an offer and may also set financial conditions
  8. You meet all conditions and provide suitable evidence of this to the Department and your college
  9. A letter confirming you have met all conditions is sent to you together with a University Card Form
  10. You return the University Card Form
  11. You receive your Oxford IT login, register online and are ready to start your course