Yes. About 70% of our students are lawyers and 30% from a wide range of other fields, including medicine, journalism, forensic anthropology, economics and many professionals who work with international and non-governmental organisations.
In Oxford the primary one-year post-graduate degree in the humanities and social sciences, including law, is the Masters of Studies (MSt). Oxford offers no LLM degree in any field of law. The MSt in International Human Rights Law has somewhat more assessed work than most LLM degrees. The course of study is demanding and few of our graduates would say that the degree is an easy option.
DPhils in any law-related field are based in the Law Faculty and are available on a part-time as well as full-time basis. Further information is available at
Officially, no. Admission to the D.Phil. is a separate, independent process. Unofficially, doing well on the MSt has proven a help to our students when applying to the D.Phil.
Although some of the subjects are similar in the Summer School and the Master’s course, the latter is a more rigorous and advanced course and it is therefore not possible to transfer credit from one to the other. The Summer School courses, however, will give a good grounding for the Master’s degree and this often helps students with admission to the MSt.

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